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Hello Pretty designer marketplace

Hello Pretty is where you buy high-quality design and is inspired by the incredible things being created in South Africa


Hello Pretty was founded in early 2012 by a couple of friends who realised that there's one thing that's universally appreciated: Great design. The team behind Hello Pretty are constantly amazed and inspired by the incredible things being created in South Africa, and felt there needed to be some way for people to connect with it on a larger scale than their local market.





Sandy Godwin, of Sandy Godwin Clay Creations, started ceramics in 1997 as a hobby.Now a member of Ceramic South Africa she has displayed her work at various renowned ceramic ehxhibitions. Her range of ceramics includes earthenware crockery and decor accessories.


Brought to you by Modern Gesture, the Pendant Lampshade is handcrafted from wood. The shade is 200mm in diameter and has a 1 metre long cable, allowing the pendant light to be fitted to hang over a dining table or countertop.

The contemporary Tech Slab V1 is a universal device stand that simply and elegantly organises your work space with its recessed compartments. The slimline design offers a discreet docking station for any smart-phone AND tablet, with additional storage space for personal items such as pens, keys, reading glasses or thumb drives.

Made of bamboo that offers eco-friendly styling, the device is lightweight, durable, heat absorbent and antibacterial. Every piece is carved with care and hand polished for a smooth durable finish.

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