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Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Hacksaw

Tork Craft have launched a lightweight aluminium alloy hacksaw with ergonomic handle.


The Tork Craft design team were briefed to design and manufacture a lightweight, comfortable hacksaw. The result is the most ergonomically designed hacksaw ever featuring:

◊ Unique lightweight Alloy frame shape.

◊ Ergonomic handle design for comfortable handling.

◊, Holder, to store up to 6 blades.





A must-have tool for every DIY enthusiast, woodworker and homeowner, the new hacksaw has the ability to cut 90-degree and 180-degree angles, as well as a straight cut when cutting of mild steel, steel pipe, PVC, ABS, wood, drywall, styrofoam, and other materials.

 'If you are a hacksaw user, you know that breaking a blade does happen. This new design solves that problem as you have spare blades in the handle,” says Ryan Hunt - Sales Director Vermont Sales. Not that you will be breaking blades that often since Tork Craft blades are carbon steel and can be easily recognised by their yellow colour.

The Tork Craft TCHS002 hacksaw is available at all leading hardware outlets, or get in touch with Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or via their website