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A touch of kitchen humour

Known for their iconic design, Italian design house Alessi, has launched a range of glass storage containers that are anything but average. Instantly recognisable, these glass storage containers definitely add a little eccentric charm to any kitchen. 



Is he trying to get in? Trying to get out? Either way, the Gianni Glass Jar will make you grin from ear to ear when you see the little man struggling with the lid. Practical and playful, the Gianni Jars are great for storing everything from rice and beans to sugar, salt and coffee beans. The silicone lid seals hermetically, keeping bugs, air and dirt out, and freshness in. And Gianni? We can't figure out which way he's going either.





Available online from Yuppiechef.

Top tips for a well-organised pantry

1. Make it look good
Instead of a sticky, sugar-crusted store cupboard opt for something chic and organised. If you used to get a good feeling from having an organised pencil case at school, this should tick your boxes. Decant your dry ingredients into bottled, air-tight jars, print off labels and off you go.

2. Take a note of expiry dates
If you’re decanting dry ingredients, note their expiry dates and give your store cupboard a spring clean every few months.

3. Use air tight containers
To prevent ants, weevils and damp, store flour, sugar, rice et al in air tight containers. Make sure your store cupboard is as cool and as dry as you can get it.

4. Shop online if you can
Food shopping online can make it easier to stick to a budget and plan your meals. Consider a monthly online shop to cover all your basic staples and rather enjoy shopping for fresh, seasonal fruit and veggies and at your local butcher or fishmonger.

5. Don’t stock up on tuna if you don’t like it
Moving house with tins of tuna may say something: you aren’t a fan of tuna. It sounds ridiculous but make sure you stock up with the food your family enjoys.

6. Declutter and spring clean
Give your store cupboard a sort and it won’t be a scary place. Spices won’t spoil but they will lose potency over time and are best if used within six months of purchase. If you’re unsure of a spice’s freshness, take a sniff and if there’s no smell it’s had its day and should be replaced.