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The Ultimate Cup of Coffee

With a choice between pods and beans, which coffee machine gives you the ultimate cup of coffee?


Coffee has evolved from a cup 'o Joe into a full-on obsession, where coffee lovers around the world get to decide what their favourite cuppa is made with, whether its exotic blends roasted to perfection or a capsule that contains all the ingredients to make the ultimate cup of coffee.

From skinny's to espresso, coffee aficionados have taken the appeal of barista-style coffee brews to the next level by investing in the ultimate coffee machine in their own home. Now you can awake every morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee without having to leave your home. But with so many choices on the market, should you invest in a pod machine or a beat-to-cup coffee grinder-unit?

In this article, we give you more information on the pros and cons of a cup-to-bean or pod coffee machine so that you make the right choice when spending your money.







The principle behind a bean-to-cup coffee machine is in the name. With this machine, you pour in your coffee beans and the machine grinds them to produce a variety of coffees. There is a huge selection of bean-to-cup coffee beans that you can choose from, whether you want rich Brazilian roast or a quick recharge with an espresso.

Some bean-to-cup models offer an integrated milk frothing function that lets you take your coffee choice even further if you prefer cafe latte, cappuccino, etc. But do bear in mind that these models will be more expensive than a basic bean-to-cup machine.

The pros of a bean-to-cup coffee machine

The most obvious benefit of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is that your coffee will be fresh and flavoursome. Think about it... you are adding the beans and grinding them at home, so expect more flavour from your cup of coffee. Added to that, you get to choose your coffee bean combinations - giving you much more control over making that ultimate cup of coffee.

If you don't fancy the idea of grinding your beans, there are plenty of options to use pre-ground coffee as an alternative. Just make sure to buy a model with the right functions.

If you are considering the purchase of a bean-to-cup coffee machine, expect to pay more for a cup of freshly ground coffee. Depending on the model, these machines are far more expensive than pod coffee machines, although coffee aficionados might say that fresh coffee - at home - is well worth the extra cost. But the main advantage here is the fact that coffee beans work out far less expensive than pods over the long term.







The cons of a bean-to-cup coffee machine

Many people might be put off by the fact that a bean-to-cup machine starts the entire process from scratch. It takes a bit of time to grind down the beans and patience is not everyone's virtue. If you don't want to have to wait too long for your much-needed cuppa Joe, shop for a machine that has fully automated features.

Another disadvantage of a bean-to-cup coffee machine is the fact that there is more cleaning involved with these machines. Since there is some mess associated with the grinding process, you will need to undertake a regular cleaning to prevent blockages.

And last, but not least, is the noise associated with the grinding process. A bean-to-cup coffee machine does make quite a bit of noise when grinding the beans, so this is not the machine for you if you're an early riser who loves a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.







Who hasn't seen the Nespresso ads for pod coffee machines! In case you haven't guessed it yet... pod machines make coffee using a selection of different pods. Using these machines is as easy as picking your favourite pod flavour, adding this to your pod machine and pressing go!

Designed for the coffee aficionado on the go, your cup of coffee is good to go in an instant, and the variety of flavours and coffee combinations means that everyone in your family will be happy.

The pros of a pod coffee machine

Pre-packed and sealed, the pods are available in a variety of flavours and combinations that let you percolate your favourite blend instantly and without any fuss. These machines heat the water and combine the pods with hot water for an instant cuppa.

Clean up for a pod machine is quick and easy and these units are generally far smaller and compact to take up less countertop space in the kitchen or at a coffee station.

The cons of a pod coffee machine

Unlike a bean-to-cup coffee machine, a pod machine only allows you to use coffee pods, so you are limited with flavour and strength that can be achieved with a bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Pod coffee machines are not as eco-friendly as bean-to-cup machines, since the pods mean extra waste and not all pods can be recycled.

Using pods to make your cuppa is more expensive, especially if you are an avid coffee drinker. While the pod machine costs less than the bean-to-cup unit, the pods themselves make this an expensive option.



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