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Barn Door Sliding Door Hardware

If you're battling to source sliding barn door hardware, now you can buy everything you need at Gelmar!


Everyone seems to be looking for barn door hardware, and until recently there have only been a few suppliers of sliding door hardware for DIY barn doors. Now, you can build your own barn doors using PAR pine or reclaimed wood and buy your sliding barn door hardware direct from Gelmar.

The sliding barn door hardware from Gelmar is perfect for a door opening width of less than 1 metre and a door thickness 45mm. The maximum load capacity is 50kg. The total length of the top rail is 2 metres. Excludes door.



An added feature on the Gelmar Sliding Door is that it has a soft close function. This means that the door can't be slammed closed, but just a gentle push and the door will close.





It is so easy to make your own barn doors, and you can make them using readily available PAR pine, or use reclaimed wood or pallets to make your own designer barn doors. Take a look at the style below to see which one would work best for your home interior.

Once you have made up your barn door, and before you hang it up, decide on your choice of finishing for the door. If you are making a barn door using reclaimed wood, the naturally aged wood looks great on it's own - or you can stain it in a dark colour for even more impact.

There are also gloss and matte polyurethane sealers that will protect the finished door and allow for easy cleaning while creating a beautifully finished look.




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