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Sexy legs for all your DIY furniture

When making your own furniture, updating old furniture, or giving furniture a makeover, having the right legs or feet to finish off makes all the difference.


Whether you are making a coffee or dining table, a media console or similar, you're going to need legs or feet to finish off the piece. To date, the available choice has been somewhat limited, and you end up choosing legs or feet that don't really add anything and you can be disappointed with the finished look.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you prefer gold, bronze, copper or other finish for your feet or legs, you will find a wide range of Rust-Oleum spray paint products at your local Builders.





When designing furniture for projects on the website or for my own personal use, I always pop onto the Gelmar website. These guys have an amazing selection of feet and legs for furniture of all types - and their prices are affordable. While their wood selection is limited, the chrome-plated range is extensive and covers a wide variety of styles and they sell plastic and wood feet for smaller projects..

When designing a coffee table, side table, or dining table, take a look at what's available before you start your project. That way, you can design the project around the legs or feet.

Being able to choose legs and feet for your own DIY furniture allows you to be more creative with your projects. If you're new to DIY and want to hone your skills, sign up for a workshop. Later this year we offer an introduction to Cabinet Making where we cover design, materials, tools, joints, hardware / hinges and finishing options.

You can also purchase adjustable legs for beds and cabinets, and legs for desks and tables in a variety of finishes.