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Cielo - My Favourite Store for Online Shopping

I know Cielo has been around for quite some time but I only recently popped online to see their range of furniture - and what a surprise!


I am a huge fan of the range of furniture manufactured by Restoration Hardware, a US-based company, and have always hoped that one day something similar to their range of dining tables would eventually come to South Africa. Imagine my surprise when popping onto the website to find a design that so closely matched the Restoration Hardware dining table, they look almost identical.

Both the dining table available at Cielo and the table at Restoration Hardware are made using reclaimed pine, which means there isn't any real difference between the two, so I definitely think I scored a massive bargain and. bought my dream table at only R8600 on special at the moment.

I am blown away that I managed to save almost R60 000, and that's still not including any shipping costs on the Restoration Hardware table. Once the table has been delivered I will keep you updated on the quality and durability of the table.

Below is a close-up of the table, and you can clearly see that the top of the table is made using pine beams laminated together. After seeing quite a few other dining tables recently, I am amazed not to see any veneer, plastic wood or anything else synthetic, which is hard to find these days when everything is mass produced.

While the colour of the Cielo dining table is not a perfect match to the tables offered by Restoration Hardware, this is very easily remedied using lime wax to polish the table. Once again. I will be sharing some pics with you once I get round to lightening the dining table with lime wax. 

BTW... This post is in no way sponsored or paid for, but purely to let you know that with some patience and shopping around you may eventually find that perfect piece.



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