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Essentials To Invest In If You Love Table Tennis

One of the many things that any table tennis lover should learn if aspiring to become a great player, is the quality of table tennis equipment that is used by professionals.


Table tennis, often known as ping-pong, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small paddle rackets. This sport, in addition to being fun, provides many health benefits to the players, including an improvement in hand-eye coordination and increased muscle reflexes. It burns calories and contributes to a healthy mental well being. One of the many things that any table tennis lover should learn if aspiring to become a great player, is the quality of table tennis equipment that is used by professionals.

This will help regarding the several options one should consider investing in. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a tedious and time-consuming process.



It seems like an obvious first essential, but you cannot play table tennis without a table.This can be a difficult decision due to the many different types of tables available. Firstly, you will need to decide if you have enough space for a table. Depending on where your table will be will dictate the specific features you are looking for. If you want one that will last as long as possible, the top choices are obviously going to be what you are looking for. If you plan to have your table indoors, getting a table with wheels will mean you can easily move it around. Alternatively, get a table that you can fold up so that it can easily be stored. If you plan to get a table to have outdoors, you may want to carefully consider the materials involved as you will need one that is made with weather resistant material.



The official rules of table tennis dictate that the ball used must be spherical with a diameter of 40mm and weigh 2.7g. The main component of the material must be celluloid or similar plastic, and balls must be in white or orange color. Although table tennis balls look essentially the same, there are many different varieties available. It is therefore important to carefully consider all options before investing.

When searching for table tennis balls, you may easily find ‘fun novelty balls; these are available in different colors and sizes and are usually suitable for children. Although great fun, these cannot be used in a competitive setting and may not provide you with the best experience. A second category is a practice or training balls; these are good for beginners, although very breakable when hit hard. Balls used in competitive table tennis are often rated between one to three stars and only three star balls are authorized by the International Table Tennis Federation. This is the ideal investment if you are greatly interested in table tennis.



When looking to invest in a table tennis racket or paddle, you will likely find that there is an overwhelming level of choice out there. Careful consideration is required as table tennis paddles can be expensive. The official rules of table tennis dictate that paddles do not have a specific size, weight or shape requirements. It must be flat and its major component must be natural wood (at least 85%).

A type of racket you can find is the ready-made pre-assembled racket. This type is designed for beginners or individuals who play occasionally on a social basis. If you plan on playing table tennis competitively a more advanced type of customized racket may be ideal. Customized rackets are designed for individuals who may have been playing for a longer period of time, or who want to continue to develop and improve their skills, and perhaps compete in a professional environment.



The quality of the net will have a great impact on the game of table tennis. A poor quality net may not allow for a smooth match. If the net is too loose, the balls may dribble over for an unreturnable winner. As a good quality net is required, you should preferably also invest in quality post sets. This generates an enhanced training environment and ensures the happiness, fulfillment and enjoyment of the players. When exploring your options on what net to get, you should consider sturdy posts with a strong clamp, and secure net tightening and height adjustment mechanisms. These nets are capable of withstanding fierce competitive play and high level training. If appropriately cared for, a good quality net and post set should last a long period of time.


Joint support

Although table tennis is not considered an overly active sport activity, it nonetheless carries a significant risk of injuries to players. A common repeat injury many players suffer is a sprained joint, usually the knee, wrist, shoulder or ankle. Granted, some of these injuries are the result of poor technique or lack of a warm-up routine before a match, but a small injury can become chronic. It is therefore crucial that you invest in equipment to support your joints

If you love table tennis and learning about it, there are many essentials that you should invest in, having a particular focus on the type of equipment, because cheap items could have a detrimental effect on the game and players’ ability to perform. Good equipment will allow you to develop your technique and potentially prevent any injuries that may occur as a result from playing table tennis.



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