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Flat table bases for DIY enthusiasts

Summer is definitely here and we South Africans will be spending more time outdoors on the deck, patio, or just lazing in the garden. If you haven't already made yourself a garden table from the many project ideas right here on Home-Dzine, you might be interested in the new range of FLAT table bases from Eclipse.


There is nothing more irritating than sitting at a table that wobbles from side to side.  Yet, uneven surfaces are to be expected, particularly when we’re eating or relaxing outdoors - no matter what the surface. There is, however, an ideal solution – the simple and elegant technology incorporated in FLAT table bases launched by





The range of table bases find their level on any uneven surface -  in an instant - by means of a sophisticated system comprising of the Patented Actuator Device (PAD) and Patented Undercarriage Key (PUK) with smart valves that lock when the level is found.

ABOVE: The FLAT range includes a choice of stylish finishes in the steady, unobtrusive cross 'X' design, and a variety of table tops can be used to create a perfectly stable integrated unit.

Eclipse FLAT table bases also allow you to quickly and easily align more than one table top, doing away with those troublesome ridges. It’s no wonder that FLAT table bases are as popular with restaurant owners as they are with DIY enthusiasts who prefer to make their own tables.