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OWL Paperlamps, inspired by origami art and combining modelling with illumination.

If you're looking for a gift that is unique and unusual, take a look at OWL paperlamps.


OWL paperlamps are inspired by the origami process of folding paper to create figures. OWL paper lamps bring together modelling and illumination for a design that is original and unique. Turn it on - or leave it off, OWL paperlamps are sure to be an eye-catching feature. The OWL paperlamp collection pays special attention to larger endangered animals, with the aim of raising awareness around the home through design.





Each paperlamp creation is a DIY kit, including a pre-cut paper model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket, an electrical cord with switch and a plug. Full instructions are also included with an assembly guide and an extra practice model. All models in the collection are made with high quality 160g paper and are available in a variety of colours.



When you buy an OWL paperlamp you will receive a DIY kit to assemble and make your own lamp as a challenge. Of course, the guys at OWL paperlamp will be there is you need any assistance. The OWL paperlamp range consists of 11 different designs featuring a selection of animals, from a roaring Hippo to a Tortoise. You can check out the full range of OWL paperlamps at



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