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Design Team

Design Team is a textile design business focusing on the design, print and conversion of South African inspired textiles. Contemporary, topical designs forms the basis of their fabric collections, rather than the already well represented ethnic approach. Emphasis is placed on quality and uniqueness of design, keeping in touch with global trends and design styles.


Our country offers inspiration through the vibrancy of a city heart beat, the colours of a multitude of landscapes, the beauty of diverse cultures and the richness of its people. An open minded approach to the challenges we face, result in enhanced creativity and the generation of meaning and beauty through design.

Design Team is driven by the satisfaction that comes from creating beautiful fabrics that enhance interiors and garments. They are influenced and inspired by the colours, nature, people and ever changing social dynamics of our country. Design Team enjoy mixing traditional textile elements with local iconography, resulting in a new design style that has international design appeal without losing its local relevance and sentiment.





Design Team believe that design should have meaning, yet be accessible and unpretentious. Learn from criticism, as it is the best tool for improving a design or concept. Some designs are valuable because it comments on something specific, some designs are a technical achievement and some designs are just pretty – and that's ok.

Design Team take pride in having trained a team of previously unskilled workers to now print accurate repeat prints using a freehand silkscreen technique. Their small team of sewers involved with the cut, make and trim of finished products have also been able to expand their skills from basic scatter cushion sewing to the creation of garments from scratch. With a current permanent staff of 40, Design Team has grown from a student concept to a well established, dynamic business.