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Iconic Design Spitfire Chair in South Africa

I firmly believe that every home should have a least once piece of furniture as an accent piece, and now you can bring Iconic Danish Design to your home with the Spitfire Chair.


The Spitfire Chair from Cielo is available in distressed black or vintage brown.

Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen, is renowned for his groundbreaking designs that have changed the face of furniture as we see it today. Many of his furniture designs still feature in discerning homes and have weathered the passing of decades to remain at the forefront of iconic design through the years.







The Spitfire Chair is one of those iconic pieces that continue to draw attention for their uniqueness.

For those wanting to have an accent piece or a piece of furniture that reflects iconic design, the design lines of the Spitfire Chair is now available locally at

Finished in a full-grain leather with a worn look, the Spitfire Chair is wrapped with an aluminium frame that replicates the renowned lines of the original Spitfire Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen.







The aluminium cladding on the frame is finished in such a way as to be indicative of a vintage fighter plane from WWII and has abrasions and small indentations to give it an authentic look and feel. This not only gives the Spitfire Chair a one-of-a-kind finish, but it also highlights the original design ethos for which it gained its name.

Born in Denmark in 1902, Arne Jacobsen completed architecture school and went on to become an ultra-modern architect in Germany during WWII, before moving back to Denmark and focusing more on furniture design with a collaborator, Fritz Hansen. His source of inspiration came from brothers Charles and Ray Eames, who themselves are renowned for their iconic furniture designs.







Each Spitfire Chair has is upholstered in full-grain leather with an aged look, and combined with the aluminium frame, the chair replicates the iconic design of the original Spitfire Chair designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen's furniture design is considered an important contribution to modernism  and Scandinavian designers as a whole are remembered for their invaluable contribution to the modern movement.

Aluminium cladding over the frame adds even more character to this piece, with scratches, abrasions and indentations that make each chair unique.



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