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Consol Easter Colouring in Jar

Just in time for Easter and the school holidays, Consol has launched a new addition to its popular Colouring In Jar range.


An ideal gift alternative to Easter eggs when filled with iced biscuits and chocolate treats, Consol’s new Easter Colouring In Jars are a sweet addition to the range. You will find them in store at The Consol Shop in Woodmead and Stellenbosch.





The Consol - Easter themed - Colouring in Jar can be purchased in a convenient 1 litre size - with or without six colourful Sharpie markers. The Colouring In Jar is designed with children in mind, or for those grown ups who want to de-stress and pour out creative energy. You can fill the jar with sweets, cookies, stationery, or simply wrap up as a gift and supply with Sharpie markers.

A perfect addition to an Easter table and a great gift idea - the Easter jars retail at:


Easter for many is an occasion enjoyed with an excess of sugar and chocolate consumption. For moms, this can be a challenging time when it comes to managing this overindulgence, particularly when children so easily get caught up in the hype of the hunt. It’s not easy, nor much fun], acting as the ' food police' at celebratory events. If you feel like you are being a kill joy – consider the facts:

Children should have no more than 5 spoons of sugar a day. When you add tomato sauce and a soft drink to the meal - and the quota is surpassed in just in one meal of the day. Throw in a surplus of Easter eggs and your child is well over the daily limit.

GOOD TO KNOW: 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce contains around 4 grams of sugar, while a single can of a soft drink contains up to 40 grams or a whopping 10 teaspoons!

Consol products are BPA free and can be washed in the dishwasher. Note that once washed with warm soapy water, the Sharpie colours will come off leaving you with a blank slate ready to be re-coloured again. For further information on Consol visit the website