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5 Features to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

If it's time to replace your old mattress, you should learn more about these 5 essential features before buying.


Don't you just hate it when you can't get a good night's sleep because your mattress is lumpy or uncomfortable? Well, you're not alone when it comes to that; your bed affects your sleeping patterns, which is why you need to shop around for the best one that suits you.

If you feel like it's time to replace your old mattress, then you should learn more about these 5 essential features before buying one.

Regulating temperature

This is a very significant feature that a lot of people tend to ignore. A mattress has to be made out of materials and fabrics that keep it breathable, meaning it shouldn't be the cause for someone waking up with freezing feet or sweating like crazy at night. You need it to keep your body temperature regulated through an airflow design that causes active cooling whenever you're sleeping; this can keep you all snug at night and relaxed enough that you won't wake up tired and cranky. So, if you find one that has an attribute like that, then it's undoubtedly worth every penny spent.


With how the world is changing right now, a lot of people are looking for green and environmentally-friendly products. Your bed can be eco-friendly too, if you look for one properly; you can find one of the key features you’re looking for in a mattress in an Avocado one because of its green and natural latex. It's designed to have a wool comforter layer instead of an organic cotton one, giving you sustainable materials with two firmness levels. So, it won't matter what kind of sleeper you are or what kind of sleeping style you have; this will keep you comfortable, satisfied, and happy that you're doing your part in protecting the environment we live in.

Support and relief

Additionally, a good mattress has to conform to your body to keep your spine aligned properly; this can be great because you don't want to buy one that makes you sink into the layers too much. Also, it might cause a lot of back problems later, and when that happens frequently, you won't be getting any pressure point relieving features that every bed should have. If you're one of the people who have constant aches and pains in the neck, hips, or back, then you need to sleep on a bed that has pain alleviating attributes to keep you relaxed and help you sleep well at night. So, remember to test the foam layers to see how dense they are and how much support they can provide.

Firmness and softness levels

This is something that you should test out before buying because these features depend on your body type and weight; you can't buy one that doesn't match your body and doesn't offer enough comfort or support. For people with smaller or thin bodies, they would get a soft mattress because their weight doesn't require that much support; a mattress that is too firm won't be comfy for them. This is different for bigger people with burly bodies; they would need a certain degree of firmness to give them complete support and comfort. If you're in a relationship or are married, then you need to find one that's not too soft or too firm; this will keep you both happy and you'd get the best sleep.

Dual-comfort core

Not many people know about this feature. Actually, it can save you a lot of money and pain later in the future; you need to buy something that has this type of core because you will see a difference in your bed after a year or more. So, instead of jumping into the decision of buying something new, then you should just flip the mattress. This will make it as good as new and it would be cost effective and healthier for you and your loved ones. Most of the time, you'd have to ask for a built-in mattress, because it's mainly added in customized orders, but that's not the case for every brand or area that you're living in.

Not getting enough sleep and waking up with excruciating back pain are red flags that you need a new bed; a good mattress will keep you relaxed and cozy. Also, you don’t have to spend a king’s ransom to get a good night’s sleep; you have plenty of high-quality yet affordable ones, if you look hard enough. So, remember to keep these 5 features in mind when you're looking around for a new mattress.



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