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Your 2019 Guide to Compare Roomba Models

It's important to take the time to compare Roomba models before you can finally decide which one you will buy.


The release of Roomba i7 and e5 into the market last year left consumers with so many options to choose from. There is much information about each Roomba on the manufacturer's websites. However, not all are correct. Opt for a Roomba that best suits your personal needs. Take time to compare Roomba models before you can finally decide which one you will buy. From research, this article will help you compare a few different models that are in the market currently.

1. The Roomba 675-the sure deal to save money

Just like a conventional vacuum, Roomba 675 is designed to pick up dirt from the carpet or floor with a rotating brush giving you a sparkling clean floor.

Roomba 675 is more advanced than an upright vacuum since its brushes are removable and also have a hair extractor. Another very attractive feature of this iRobot model is that it can be programmed and is self-docking. It can also be controlled from the iRobot home app since it connects to Wi-Fi.

When it comes to price, Roomba 675 is a sure bet and will save you money. However, this model is a perfect fit for those who have no pets or family members with long hair. As such, they will not have a lot of hair stuck in the brushes of the iRobot.

2. The Roomba 690- the wall barrier

There is a significant similarity between the Roomba 675 and 690. However, the main difference between the two is that 690 has an additional feature. This feature is a virtual wall barrier. The barrier ensures that the robot does not go anywhere you do not want it to go. All the same, if you plan on saving money, you can still buy the 675 since the barrier may not always be all that necessary.

3. The Roomba 890 – the brush-less roller

Compared to 690, Roomba 890 is a bit more advanced. One feature that makes it stand out is that it is a brush-less roller. The 890 comprises of two rubber rollers fitted with protruding "feet". The feat vibrates and shakes the dirt from the floor into the suction path.

Roomba 890 gives you more efficient in cleaning than the 690, ensuring the floor is equally clean. Also, unlike the 690 where at times you are forced to pull hair from the rollers, the 890 is easy to maintain. Hair hardly gets stuck in rubber rollers. However, the 890 stills lack cameras and sensors, which are very crucial in efficiently vacuuming the house. It is also not in a position to recharge and resume; hence, you may not be able to cover the whole floor if you have a big house.

4. The Roomba s9+ - the latest innovation

Roomba s9+ is the best and the latest vacuum in the market today. Everything about it is advanced, making it better than all the other Roomba’s. Unlike other robots, its wide brush roll is in the front, and it is D-shaped. As a result, it perfectly cleans edges and corners.

Another thing that makes it stand out among the rest is its suction power. Roomba s9+ has a stronger motor which enables it to pick up more embedded dirt from surfaces. It also has a fantastic navigation algorithm that allows it to pick out the best cleaning path. If you don’t mind about the cost, this is the most recommended Roomba vacuum for you.

In conclusion, this is but a few Roombas in the market. Do your researches further, compare Roomba models and get yourself the one that best suits you.



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