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Handy 4-piece Tork Craft caulking tool set

Invest in a handy 4-piece Tork Craft Caulking Set consisting of 2-in-1 scraper and 3 different edging tools for the perfect effortless caulking edges.


The new Tork Craft Caulking Set is a must have for builders, painters, home owners, DIYers, and construction and glaziers. The 2-in-1 handled brush and scraper is for cleaning up of excess caulk, paint, putty, and glue, while the 3 durable edging tools help you to do a professional job for any type of edge - every time.





For home improvement and repairs, no handyman or DIYer can do without this set and is a valuable addition to every homeowners tool box and workshop. This is another product that was requested by trade stores, retailers and end users, All requests are actioned - one of the many unique services offered by Vermont Sales.

The Tork Craft Caulking Tool set is available from all leading suppliers countrywide. To find nearest retail outlet call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or  visit their web site