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Review - Automatic Coffee Machine Jura E8

The Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine is a top-rated automatic coffee machine that is better than the previous coffee machines in every way.


In today’s world, everything is getting automatic. From washing machine to dishwasher everything is automatic. So here is now Jura E8 an automatic coffee machine that will low your stress level. Jura E8 is the top-rated automatic coffee machine which is better than the previous coffee machines in every way. It has a fresh and sophisticated design, optimized extraction time. It gives a large number of varieties of milk drinks. Some of its features by which you can get to know about the review of the Jura E8.

Ø It is an updated version of the automatic machine. it also has a unique design with a grooved water tank and a chrome-plated cup platform

Ø It has fifteen varieties of the drinks include macchiato, espresso, doppio, special white coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, milk foam, and also simple hot water, green tea, etc.

Ø It uses a special process PEP which means the pulse extraction process. Due to this process, it adds a special professional quality taste; raise its standard to barista standard coffee.

Ø It has a high technology of professional fine foam frothier which creates hot milk or the froth with a feather-light consistency.

Ø Due to its high technology, you can access all its functions in just one touch. From one touch you can monitor all controls, even the water tank, and bean container.

Ø It provides you special function for a cappuccino. You can have latte macchiato, flat white or cappuccino in just one touch.

Ø It has eight different levels to change the strength of the coffee and three temperature levels as per the requirements one can choose their taste of the coffee.

Ø Automatic cleaning is one more feature it has. It has a milk system cleaning routine which makes it easier to maintain.

Global innovation

As it has some very important features which make it different from other automatic machines. The very important secret behind it is the grinding of the coffee. Jura E8 is an expert in making the espresso brewing process. It has a six-level aroma grinder which ensures that the coffee is grounded properly. It always grinds the beans fresh, fast but at the same time, it also preserves its aroma. The capacity of the unit is 5 to 16 grams. There is process which applies force on the coffee to get the enriched flavor and making it different from the regular coffee. With all this process it also allows the coffee lovers to make their coffee with eight different intensity levels.

Intelligent Water Filter Detection system

For the best flavor, you need the best quality water. This also protects the machine from any damages. This JURA E8 machine removes all the substances which will make the coffee taste bud. To make the life of the machine longer the team Jura made a technology named Intelligent Water System. These filter technology and coffee machine are linked wirelessly. The filter automatically detects if there is any impurity and removes it also.

New Standards

For those who like to have an accurate taste in their coffee, Jura E8 is the perfect choice for them. You can even have your favorite coffee in no time. This machine has all the functions for different types of coffee in front of this machine to avoid the inconvenience. It has all positioned functions just on the front of the machine. Even this E8 coffee machine can make two espresso coffee at the same time. This machine is a self-operating and self-explanatory machine at the same time. This coffee machine has a huge capacity of holding 10 ounces beans so that you can enjoy your coffee for a longer time.

It does not mean that if it contains a huge amount of coffee so that the taste of the coffee will not remain the same. It always saves the aroma of the beans which gives its coffee a different taste whenever you will drink it. It also has a huge capacity of holding water so that it will last for a longer period without refilling. After all this quality it has an elegant and beautiful design which will impress you for many years.

Total hygiene

After maintaining all these features it is also hygiene at the same time. The integrated rinsing and automatic cleaning make it very simple and very easy to use without any special cleaning. It has total hygiene and perfect milk foam all the time you need. And without any mess spread on your platform.

More Beautiful Than Ever

This Jura E8 machine is designed in such a way that it will mesmerize everyone. It has a surface where you can place your cup with proper width which is required. The cup plate is made from the chrome-plated which showcases the perfect specialty coffees. Due to its design, it is more convenient to place it at any place whether it is in an office or house or any other place. It will surely match your interior and even add stars to it.

Boiler System

The Jura E8 has an aluminium boiler which is linked with stainless steel and thermo block technology. They allow two boilers one is for the coffee and the other is for the milk. This is if there will be one boiler that will take much time to boil both the things separately. This does not mean the coffee will get heated tremendously. This machine automatically measures the time of heating in seconds rather than on seconds.

Some important reviews that make a difference in the JuraE8:-

1. It is a much-advanced version of the automatic coffee machine; it includes the making of green tea, special, espresso doppio, espresso macchiato.

2. It has a new professional fine foam frother which will give you a different taste than the ordinary coffee.

3. Two times faster technology than the ordinary automatic machine.

4. Due to its design, it makes a different image in the market.

After knowing the reviews of Jura E8 you can easily decide to buy it or not.



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