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Buy Online at Builders Warehouse

For the past year I have been buying all my tools, materials and supplies online at Builders Warehouse and it has saved me a lot of time and effort.


Builders introduced their online shopping facility a couple of years back, but it is only this past year that I have been buying all my tools, materials and supplies using their online buying facility. While most of the initial wrinkles have been ironed out, there are still one or two problems, but these actually worked in my favour!


By using the Builders online shopping portal you are able to browse through thousands from the comfort of your home or office. Simply sign up for online shopping to have everything at your fingertips. Once you have registered all you have to do is log in, search to find what you need and order online when it suits you. This is where one of the wrinkles worked in my favour. An item I wanted to order showed 'in stock' at my local store, but it was discovered that they didn't have the correct quantity as advised on the shopping portal. To rectify this, the guys at Builders sourced the product that I needed to ensure everything was in stock when I arrived to collect my order. Now that's service for you!





Once you select your closest store and place your order online, you have the options to "collect in-store" or you can enter your delivery address for delivery to your home or place of work. The online system will let you know what is in stock and what can be ordered on your behalf. After selecting your purchases from your nearest Builders store, you will be sent an SMS to confirm your order and this can then be presented at the store to quickly and easily collect the products you have ordered.


When you register for online shopping at Builders, you can keep all your regularly used products in one place. The shopping list function can be used to keep a handy list of all your regularly or frequently purchased products for easy retrieval and ordering. You can even create more than one shopping list.

When shopping – you can add any product to your trolley and continue shopping by selecting the add to shopping lists icon. You can retrieve your trolley items by selecting the shopping basket icon which is shown next to the trolley. However, bear in mind that pricing and stock availability are subject to change after being added to your trolley if you don't check out your trolley at that time. 




Builders have gone to great lengths to make online shopping as convenient as possible for you. It is possible to pay for your purchases with a variety of options, including Credit Card payments. PayU Online Payments Shoppers who bank with FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank or ABSA, can use the instant service from PayU Smart EFT and pay using Internet banking. And there are six easy payment options to choose from when you open an online shopping account.

When you make an online purchase, PayU will notify Builders and the purchased goods will be released immediately for collection. All existing Builders account customers may choose to use their existing account with an available balance to purchase at Builders.  


When you are registered for online shopping your can quite easily purchase an online Builders gift voucher for someone special and choose from a variety of gift card options. 




My personal favourite of online shopping is that I can set up a wishlist linked to my account. When I think of something I need to buy at month end I add it to my wishlist, so that when month end comes around I can choose the items I desperately need and keep some in the wishlist for purchasing later on.



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