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Seasonal table tips from Carrol Boyes

Create a memorable Spring table setting with these ideas from Carrol Boyes.


As we enter a new season and start to think again about dining outdoors, it’s a good time to find fresh ways to set our tables. Sheri Howes, Carrol Boyes’ Visual Merchandiser, offers some ideas on how to place yours apart to create memorable occasions this Spring.

Venture further afield for flowers and foliage.

Foraging is a lifestyle trend not restricted to the kitchen. Freshly picked veld or garden cuttings are in vogue for a looser and less formal alfresco look. Remember too that you needn’t focus only on traditional floral arrangements – leaves are really chic, easier to find, and offer a more contemporary effect, while blossom-filled branches are sculptural and simple but highly effective.





To save time and costs, select vegetation and blooms that last longer - evergreens and succulents make resilient low-maintenance decorations. Species like eucalyptus and statice also dry beautifully, so the arrangement can be moved elsewhere in your home after the occasion for further enjoyment.

Conceptualise a colour palette and décor scheme and extend it throughout the table elements for an overall effect that’s consistent and pulled-together. This doesn’t mean that everything has to match – layer different patterned textiles with complementary crockery and decorative elements. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton offer a particularly timeless look. Our soon to be launched new textile range will allow you to plan a polished setting with even greater ease.

Think beyond the traditional when it comes to displaying flowers and foliage – teacups, jugs and bowls. Bear in mind the height of your arrangement when planning though – your guests need to be able to see and converse with one another so steer clear of particularly tall vessels and aim for a balance between beautiful and obtrusive.

Turn everyday elements into something special

Table essentials like a jug of iced water or colourful napkins are opportunities to add special details. Add sliced fruit and aromatics in the water or a sprig tucked into the napkin. Have presentation in the back of your mind even when considering the basics!

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