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On Special: Bosch PMD7 Auto Detector

Avoid costly or fatal mistakes when drilling into walls or through tiles by using an Auto or Digital Detector to check for conduits, pipes and cables.


The handy Bosch PMD 7 Auto Detector enables you to find live cables, conduits and pipes, or girders and metal frames, as well as wooden studs, with the highest precision.

Using a detector is a must for home DIY enthusiasts - you need to know where to drill. The Bosch PM7& detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals and cables at depths of up to 70mm - and the easy, single-button operation means it's ideal for everyone.





The Bosch PMD 7 features a traffic light system (green - amber - red) and a warning tone to clearly indicate where drilling should not be done.

The Bosch Professional PMD 10 Digital Detector locates live cables, metals, and wooden studs with high accuracy at depths of up to 100mm. For home DIY enthusiasts this means that you never again have to worry about hitting live cables or water pipes when undertaking repairs or improvements. The PDM 10 is easy to guide over the required drilling location and an audio signal and LED ring ensure that drilling recommendations are always easy to understand.