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Good Buy - Professional Paint Finish

The Bosch PFS 2000 spray system gives all your painted projects a professional finish.


My favourite Bosch tool has to be the Bosch PFS 2000, and I rave about using this for all my painting projects. This spray system does not use a compressor but operates via an air blower that is far more silent and allows these tools to be compact, lightweight and portable.

Easy to use, using a Bosch PFS spray system, and particularly the Bosch PFS 2000, makes all your painting projects effortless, quick and cost effective. Despite its compact size, the Bosch PFS 2000 is ideal for any painting project - large or small. For more information on using the Bosch PFS 2000, check out the videos at the bottom of this page.


You can use the Bosch PFS 2000 to apply an even distribution of paint over projects, including lacquer, glazes and oil paints. I generally use my PFS 2000 in combination with Plascon Polvin, a matt paint that is easy to sand, and then finish this off with two coats of clear acrylic sealer.









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