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Bosch 91-pc Drill Bit and Screw Bit Set

With a normal selling price at just over R700 - the Bosch 91-pc set is on sale at R499.00 each at Makro, while stocks last.


The Bosch 91-pc drill bit and screwdriver set is equipped to handle virtually any project. The set contains a selection of drill bit and screwdriver sets for drilling and fixing in wood, masonry and metal and includes drill bits with high performance titanium nitride coating. The set also includes nutsetters for secure attachments / fixings and screwdriver with ratchet function and pull-out magnetic rod for easy pick-up of screws, nails and other magnetic parts.





When you're starting out in DIY and building up a collection of accessories for your power tools, buying a quality kit that contains essential accessories is a great way to do everything in one go. The Bosch 91-pc Drill Bit and Screwdriver Bit set has all the bits you need to successfully tackle almost any project.