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Perfect office 'sweet'

Aptly named as 'Bonbons' this new seating from Ergoform has the same appeal as an array of assorted candies on a tray. And with such a wide variety of colours, the only problem is which one to choose?


Superb for solo seating but far better in a colourful cluster, Ergoform’s 'Bonbons' not only look good enough to eat, they are designed to be eco friendly as well. Designed and manufactured in South Africa by Leon Roodt, Bonbons have the same appeal as an array of assorted candies on a tray.

These delectable poufs take the prize for informal seating both in the home and the office meeting area, and are designed to be standard seat height to you can use them almost anywhere. What's more important is that Bonbons up the eco ante with their wooden frames, a water based, solvent-free glue specially imported from Sweden, and 100% wool felt upholstery, with leather straps for easy portability.





If you prefer, you can even have unique Bonbons upholstered in your choice of fabric, adding even more appeal to the office 'sweet' at home or office.

Priced at R2200 per Bonbon in the felt, and from R1600 to R1800 if you bring your own fabric, bonbons are available to order  from Ergoform in Cape Town. For more information visit

Ergoform offer a range of decor. furniture and complete office solutions for those wanting a unique style for their upmarket office, whether commercial or residential. The company uses green manufacturing practices that starts with the design of new products by eliminating materials that are harmful or potentially dangerous to the environment and ensuring that materials are sourced from certified and sustainable sources of supply.