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Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner on promotion

For one day only, you can buy the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and Assorted Biscuits on promotion at R1,529 including delivery.


For today only, buy the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and get a selection of assorted Biscuits, including delivery, at R1,529 from Tools4Wood.

This is one of those tools you will definitely want to add to your tool collection, and we discuss the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner in detail at our DIY Divas workshops. Anyone interested in woodworking or making their own furniture and decor accessories will find this tool practical and of great value.

A biscuit joiner allows you to create invisible joints, without any screws showing and without having to use plugs. The biscuit joiner cuts a slot in the sections to be joined, then you simply add wood glue, insert a suitably sized biscuit and leave to dry. The joints are super-strong and can only be taken apart by cutting them.





Today's special offer includes the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and an assorted pack of biscuits (#0, #10, #20). You also get a glue bottle and glue applicator.



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