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Bessey tools for door frame assembly

Bessey offer special tools for the modern technique of installing door frames using assembly foam.


Bessey offer the tools and perfect answer to door frame assembly with the door frame assembly device TMS. With a telescopic round aluminium tube, clamping elements on the clamping faces and adjusting screw precisely fixes and supports the door frame in a proven manner during foam filling of the wall joint in widths from 560 to 1,010 mm.





During foam filling of wall joint, the door frame is precisely and gently supported with the help of the door frame clamp TU and can be precisely aligned with the door frame straightening clamp TFM. With the angle door frame straightening clamp WTR the frame corners are neatly fixed and stabilised.

The Bessey door frame brace extension TUX rounds off the system and enables in conjunction with the TU the installation of extra-wide doors from 1,040 to 1,960 mm, this system always provides the perfect fit.