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Sliding Barn Doors in South Africa

Judging by the number of enquiries we receive, sliding barn doors continue to be popular in South Africa. Now, there is a local company that manufactures stylish sliding barn door hardware.


Sliding barn doors have been very popular over the last few years, as homeowners realise how easy it is to add an element of style to their home without sacrificing space. The beauty of sliding barn doors is that they slide open on a flat wall and don't intrude on valuable floor space.





Sliding barn doors are also popular because they can be made using reclaimed wood planks and pallet wood, that makes them an attractive option for homes that want to feature a touch of rustic style.

The beauty of making your own sliding barn door is that you have the freedom to choose the material to make your barn door, and the choice of finishing. Barn doors can be made using SupaWood for a sophisticated painted finish, or they can be made using reclaimed planks - left to age naturally.

Now there is a company in South Africa that manufactures a range of sliding door hardware, allowing the DIY enthusiast to mount their own barn doors. Manufactured to fit doors up to 45mm thick, the sliding door systems from come with a 24-month warranty on the mechanical workings, and HDPE wheels for smooth, quiet operation.

Barndoor is an online supplier of sliding barn door hardware that supplies everything needed for the DIY enthusiasts or interior designer to install their own beautiful sliding barn door.

The range consists of a Top Hung style that allows you to display a custom made wood door up to 50kg in weight.

The Paris sliding barn door hardware has a refined fleur-de-lis design that adds a refined touch to sliding doors.

The Classic sliding barn door system allows you to install sliding barn doors in any home without the hassle. The sliding door hardware is also designed to fit onto standard wood or hollow-core doors 35mm thick.

A popular favourite, the Spoke Wheel sliding barn door hardware is reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution and features the timeless classic spoke wheel design.

NYC sliding door hardware features strong geometric lines. If you love industrial design or want to incorporate architectural elements into your living spaces, add this sliding door hardware to a rustic wood door.

The black stallion of the range, the Horse Shoe sliding door hardware features double rollers with a strong engineered design. The Horse Shoe is suited to larger door openings and rooms with higher ceilings.