Where to Buy Affordable Succulents

If you would like to know where the buy the widest selection and most affordable succulents in Gauteng, check out my recent find.





I love succulents, the muted pastel colours, the pretty designs - succulents small or large. This morning I accidentally stumbled on why might be my best buy for the past couple of years, especially as regards plants for the garden. I found an out-of-the-way garden centre that specialises in succulents of all types and their prices are unbelievable.





They offer a selection of trays containing a variety of succulents and small plants, with 128 plants per tray at a cost of R330. And while you might think that is expensive, having shopped around for succulents all over the place - I thought it a bargain. Some garden centres sell a single succulent plant from between R30 to R50 for usual varieties, and upwards of R80 for more exotic species. This nursery has an enormous selection of both that are planted in their trays.





I was so overwhelmed by the price and selection, I ended up by more trays that I should have. Now I can really make up some pretty reclaimed wood planters and design a colourful succulent garden.





For more information visit https://www.gardengoods.co.za/Plants/Garden-Trays and select Gardening Trays and note that for specials you need to visit Labyrinth Nursery direct. Don't expect a huge display, since they mostly deliver and don't keep a large amount of stock but you will find plenty of specials on some of the most amazing succulents.

The nursery is situated in Northriding, just around the corner from Northgate. They are busy working on their websites, but you will find more details on the succulents trays here.


EDITOR: Please note that since the date of publication of this article the nursery in question has closed down.








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