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New Stella chair from Addis

Addis celebrates its centenary with an innovative product range that will have you sitting back, putting your feet up and resting on your laurels. The Stella chair is a cause for a celebration: it’s affordable, durable and stylish. Buy the Stella chair at stockists around the country.


Manufactured locally from Polypropylene that has been specially treated to ensure it won’t perish in our local climate, Stella chairs can be a feature both in and outdoors.

The material is reinforced with glass fibre - so it’s strong enough to stand the weight of a person packing up to 120 kilograms. And to brighten dull rooms, colour-co-ordinate with décor or add a splash of pizzazz to a patio, Stella chairs come in a delicious range of summer colours: strawberry red, lime green, contemporary charcoal and classic white.





Great looking and modern, and far more designer looking than your average patio furniture, Stella chairs will fit in with most décor styles. A chair is nothing if it’s not comfortable, so expect to spend many happy hours round the kitchen, dining room or patio table without getting a sore back or numb bum – the Stella’s curves are designed to suit your own. It's also lightweight, easy to store by stacking, and easy to clean – simply sponge with warm soapy water.

9 reasons Stella chairs are a good buy

  • Easy care cleaning: simply wash with soapy water
  • Trend-setting indoor/outdoor furniture
  • Easy storage: Stella chairs are stackable
  • Affordable pricing: expect to pay around R225 a chair
  • Durable: UV stabilised polypropylene gives it resilience to the sun’s perishing rays
  • Lightweight: the chairs weigh a mere 2,9 kilograms – pretty impressive when you think how strong they are
  • Strong: the legs won’t buckle under 120 kilograms
  • Great looking: the appealing design blends well with a variety of décor styles
  • Comfortable: a curvaceous back and seat accommodate your curves.