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Button Buzz

Every so often I come across online stores that offer unique handy craft accessories. Button Buzz is one of those - and it's South African!


What's the buzz?

Button Buzz gives you a chance to experience the vast world of buttons, their beauty and versatility by revealing the many uses and types of buttons through their button bracelets and accessories. It is an opportunity for you to discover the world of buttons and have fun making and creating your own button accessories.





A brief history of buttons...

Buttons have been around since 2000 BC and were originally used as decorations, not as the fasteners they are used as today. Buttons were made of bone, horn, wood and sea shells and were used to add detail to an outfit. Buttons were an exclusive item and often only available to the wealthy people as they're made from extravagant materials.

As time progressed buttons were used increasingly as fasteners and not just as attractive decorations. This led to the mass production of metal and then plastic buttons. Today they are accessible to everyone and can be used in multiple ways to add style and colour to any outfit or accessory. Button Buzz aims to make affordable and stylish accessories to complement your style.

Michelle Felder

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