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Bosch cylinder lawnmower

Now there's a lawnmower that is ideal for townhouse gardens, small and medium gardens and for gardeners that want a perfect-looking lawn - and it uses no power, is compact in size, easy to use, and extremely affordable.


Ask any greenskeeper what lawnmower they use to keep their lawns and greens in such good condition, and they answer will undoubtedly be a cylinder mower.

Most classic luxury grade lawns are on the whole cut with cylinder mowers as they can potentially give an excellent even cut. Cylinder mowers have a cylinder that has a number of blades that spiral around it. As the cylinder rotates the grass blades are forced between the spinning cylinder blades and fixed straight cutting blade. This gives a 'scissor like' cutting action and provided that your mower blades are in good condition and aligned correctly the cut will be of very good quality.





A clean-cut lawn far away from the mains socket is no problem in small gardens

The new Cylinder Hand Mowers from Bosch have a specially hardened, rotating cutting cylinder with four (AHM 30 and AHM 38) or five (AHM 30 C and AHM 38 C) curved blades. They cut grass cleanly and smoothly. With one manual adjustment and without the need for tools, the blades can be easily set for exact cuts.

The cutting height can also be set to between 12 and 40 millimeters without the need for tools. The cylinder suspension with steel ball bearings and a new pinion requires less push when mowing and makes the work of gardening enthusiasts easier.

 Self-propelled cylinder mowers require no power source to operate and only gentle pushing is required to move the mower forward and turn the blades. This can save the operator a lot of energy as little effort is required to maneuver the mower around the lawn. Therefore, self-propelled mowers are definitely worth considering for small to medium lawns. Cylinder mowers come with a grass box that attaches to the machine and collects the grass clippings as you mow which can save the job of raking up the clippings.


Editor: I got to test one of the Bosch Cylinder Mowers at a recent Media Day and can recommend the unit to anyone with a small garden. It's extremely lightweight and easy to use.

Buy the Bosch range of lawnmowers at your local Builders Warehouse or at your local Bosch product supplier.