Reatec... A decorative film for interior design and architectural applications

Reatec is a design innovation that will change our homes, offices and architectural spaces; a unique film with adhesive backing that can be finished with multi-layer printing.


Reatec is a decorative film that can be used to finish and resurface a variety of surfaces including, doors, ceilings, walls, fixtures and fittings. Reatec is a cost-effective and environmental-friendly product that offers an affordable alternative to wood, steel and leather.

This decorative film has an adhesive backing that allows the product to be applied as a custom finishing that can be printed and embossed in over 1000 designs. But what is Reatec and what does it do?

What is Reatec?

Firstly, Reatec is a decorative film that is flexible and has an adhesive backing that allows it to be fixed to a variety of surfaces. The film can be printed in numerous designs and a wide selection of colours to replicate the look of stone, metal or wood.

Reactec offers designers and architects a quality product as the result of multiple layers that allow for the highest quality details and patterns.





This lightweight film offers high durability and can be applied to surfaces both indoors and outdoors. The finish is stain and solvent resistant and the pressure-sensitive backing ensures that the longer the product stays on, the strong its adhesive properties become, making more of a permanent rather than temporary solution.







What is Reatec used for?

The primary use for Reatec is one of a design or architectural nature. You can use this decorative film on doors, walls, solid finishes and more to provide an easy way to transform and update with a new look.

This self-adhesive film has over 1000 designs that can be applied to any smooth surface and is a substitute for wood veneer, marble, concrete, stucco and may other surface finishes.

Why install Reatec?

Just a few of the benefits of installing Reatec is the cost saving as opposed to installing actual stone, metal or wood. Reatec allows you to get the look at a fraction of the price.

The product is easy to install, making ideal for residential or commercial use.





The use of Reatec as an alternative decorative finish minimizes the amount of waste and offers sustainability, especially when you consider that the product can be used to extend the life of existing finishes.


Reatec decorative film is distributed by Medici. Visit for more information on the product, designs and colours available, or contact |



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