Vermont Sales Training Academy

Bookings are now open at the Vermont Sales Training Academy. Book for airbrush training, drill bit science, wood and metalworking, and a selection of other workshops.


Sign up for a Wood and Metalworking Workshop that includes introduction to wood and metal, sawing, cutting, blades, and discs. This workshop offers a practical session on the preparation of wood and steel, planning and profiling, surface treatment and assembly. Booking is essential as space is limited.

Saws and Cutting Tools covers the various types of cutting machines such as angle grinders, cut-off machines, wall chasers, chainsaws, circular saws, band saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, oscillating power tools, scroll saws. The workshop provides valuable information on the correct saw blades to use and all the relative accessories that go with and can be used with these tools.





Drill Bit Science is a workshop that everyone should attend. It covers everything that one should know about drills and drilling, understanding the properties of steel, hardness and tensile strength, as well as offering information on drill bit terminology, coating on drill bits, bit designs, specialist drill bits for metal and wood.

Love using an airbrush? The Airbrush Workshop covers an introduction to using the tool, terminology, choosing an airbrush, compressed air, how to use an airbrush, maintenance and practical lessons. In addition, Air Supply in the workshop is an introduction to compressors, setting up an airline, pneumatics and vacuum.

Visit the Vermont Sales training website for dates and times on the above and other workshops available. All courses are open to Vermont Sales customers, including trade, store management, sales consultants, as well as end users who are interested in learning more.