Design Innovation: Snap Jack System

The innovative Snap Jack system is specifically designed to give you back your living space.


Structurally robust and designed to comply with international standards, the Snap Jack system is a table and chair system that allows you to take control of your space. The idea behind the design is not about the table and chairs themselves, but to offer an alternative to having to buy more space - by utilising the space you already have to best advantage.

The streamlined design takes up hardly any space and can be conveniently mounted and placed on a wall for easily accessibility. Mount Snap Jack in a dining room, family room, or home office, where you can unload the modules as and when needed. When not in use, simply clip everything back into place.





The team of designers and artists responsible for the Snap Jack system came together as a result of a common appreciation for simplicity and a yearning for a more simple life without clutter - to give the gift of space. The Snap Jack creatives teamed up with a graffiti artist in inner-city Auckland, New Zealand, who magically transforms the front (underside) of the table with her art.

The science behind the Snap Jack system works around magnetic catches that hold everything in its place. When mounted according to the instructions, the magnetic catches save time when removing and replacing the individual components.

Not currently available for shipping to South Africa, if you are interested in purchasing the Snap Jack system, get in touch with for more details.


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