When was the last time your Air Conditioner was Serviced?

Are you aware that an air conditioner needs to be serviced occasionally?


As the temperature rises as a result of global warming, so does the installation of air conditioners to keep a home cool. But did you know that you should have an air conditioner serviced occasionally? An air conditioner is one of those appliances that get installed or set up and used continuously without any thought of your health.

Very few people are aware of the fact that a leak in the coolant system can result in the release harmful gases that can affect the health of your family. In fact, leaking coolant  can be a cause of heart palpitations and seizures due to lack of oxygen.



Whether it's fitted in your car or in your home, an air conditioner - just like any other appliance - is subject to wear and tear. It's not going to last forever and sooner or later you may experience problems. Having an air conditioner serviced now and again will not only extend the lifespan, it will also ensure it works and pick up any problems that may occur in the future.







How do I know if my aircon is leaking?

The first sign of a leak in an air conditioner - indoor or in your car - is loss of cooling power. It is the refrigerant that cools down ambient air and a leak means less refrigerant in the system.

If your car vents or air conditioner vents are not putting out the same level of cool air that you usually get, it is important to have this checked out if there are leaks in the system.





Another way you can pick up a leak is if there is a hissing sound emanating from the air conditioner. In fact, any unusual noises from an air conditioner are cause for concern and should be checked by an expert service technician.


Regularly clean an air conditioner

If your air conditioner has filters to filter out dust, pollen and impurities, it is important to clean these on a regular basis. While this won't affect or cause leaks, it will have an impact on indoor air quality. While calling a service technician to check your air conditioner is a good idea, it's also necessary to keep an air conditioner is good order - and a regular cleaning of vents and ducts, as well as filters, will go a long way towards keeping your home cool and your air clean.



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