9 Secrets for Selling Your Home in 2020

In this article we offer useful tips for selling your home quickly in 2020.


On average, selling a home in the US took 68 days in 2019. This is from the time it was listed, to when the deal was closed. For the homeowners who were conversant with the tips for selling your home fast, their properties stayed on the market for a shorter duration.

Selling a house is not just about putting it on the market but portraying it as the best option in the market for a potential buyer. To achieve this, there are tips for selling your home that you can use. They will not only help bring more potential buyers to your listing but also make your house more appealing to them.

Some of these tips may require an investment on your part, whereas others capitalize on human psychology to sway a buyer's decision to your favor. Read on to find out the most useful tips for selling your home quickly.

1. Get the Pricing Right

Determining the right price point for your house is arguably the most essential among the tips on selling your home. The goal here is to set the price at an amount that's competitive in the market but still suitable for your needs.

Begin by determining the actual value of your property and then proceed to assess how other houses in your market are priced. With this information, you can set your price according to the market price.

Alternatively, you can shave 10-15 percent off the price. This is one of the most useful tips for selling your home quickly.

2. Hire a Great Real Estate Agent

Though you can sell your house without the help of a realtor, it will probably take you longer, and you may not be able to negotiate the best price for it. This is why hiring a great real estate agent is one of the tips for selling your home fast.

By having a professional assist you with the sale, their expertise and networks will help expedite the process. If you price the house right and hire a top-notch real estate agent, all you will need to do is implement some minor tips on selling your home, and your property will be as good as sold.

3. Take Care of the Exterior

Before you begin showcasing your house to potential buyers, ensure that the compound and exterior of the house are well maintained. This is what buyers will see first and what their first impressions will be based on.

Staging tips for selling your home do not have to cost you much. Just tidy up the area and plant some flowers to brighten the compound. Painting the exterior of the house will significantly enhance its curb appeal.

4. Be Mindful of the Upgrades

For a house to get a buyer quickly, it must be in great condition. As a result, you may have to do some form of renovations or upgrades. Though renovations can help make your house more appealing and increase its value, not all types of renovations have a return on investment.

Therefore, you should be mindful of the type of renovations and how much you spend on them. This is one of the tips for selling your home that helps safeguard your profits.

Fortunately, if you hired an excellent realtor, they will advise you on the renovations that have the most significant impact and with a high return on investment.

If your house requires substantial renovations, ensure that the contract with the renovation company includes a liquidated damages clause. Contractors tend to juggle teams between projects, which may result in your renovation going past the agreed-upon completion date.

If this happens, you may incur additional costs or even lose clients. A liquidation clause will protect you from such, and it is essential that you learn about it.

5. Kitchen Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house and influences buyers’ decisions greatly. As such, making your kitchen appealing is one of the best tips for selling your house fast.

Replace all old appliances and ensure the cabinets and countertops are modern and stylish.

6. Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Before you get to the nitty-gritty with buyers, your goal is to ensure that your house captivates them visually. Hiring a cleaning company is one of the tips for selling your home that improves aesthetics.

When the house is spotlessly clean, everything else seems brighter and in better condition. Focus areas should be the bathroom, kitchen, and carpets.

7. Depersonalize Your Home

Depersonalizing your house is one of the staging tips that may not seem essential but greatly influence buyers. When assessing a property, buyers try and visualize living there with their family.

It is easier for them to create that picture in their minds if the house seems unoccupied. Therefore, you should remove all memorabilia, family pictures, and any other personal things in your home.

8. Ensure Your Closets Are Half Empty

Having sufficient closet space is essential for buyers. However, even if you have large closets, they may seem smaller if they’re tightly packed. Take out half of the things in your closet and neatly arrange what’s left.

Do not wait for buyers to take a sneak peek while you're not looking, because they will, open your closet doors and give them a glimpse.

9. Be Ready to Show Your House

Readiness is one of the vital tips for selling your home quickly. Once your house is on the market, you must be prepared for buyers at all times. This means your house should always be ready for showing and you must be available.

It’s the Little Things That Matter

There are a lot of things that come into play when selling a house. Some, such as renovations, may seem major, and others such as depersonalizing your home may seem minor.

However, they're all essential in the home selling process. If you follow these tips for selling your home, you can be confident in getting a buyer in no time.



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