Rawlplug wall fixings

Rawlplug is a globally recognised brand and market leader in an industry they helped create over a century ago. It continues to be the brand of choice for both professionals and amateurs.


Rawlplug invented the first expansion plug, the first mechanical anchor and the first drywall fixing, and their long and proud history of innovation continues to this day.

The Rawlplug brand was created in 1919 in the UK and quickly established an international presence. Today, they have subsidiaries and distributors across the world responsible for the design, development, production, delivery, sale, installation, and service of their products. Rawlplug solutions continue to set the direction of development for the fixings market.





The word 'RawlPlug' is one used in the trade, by retailers and DIYers, but few know that this name is held by the original creators, designers, and manufacturers Rawlplug. To this day, Rawlplug test and develop; coming up with new innovative products, improving existing products and growing their already extensive range. There are several fixing products on the market today but no one comes close to Rawlplug for proven tested quality and range.

Vermont Sales' Rawlplug division employ a strategy of responsible management and have a healthy and respectful relationship with their customers, believing that these qualities contribute to the success of the brand. They openly share their knowledge and support in choosing the appropriate fixings and preparing projects - regardless of the size of the job. And Rawlplug guarantees the safety and reliability of their products for long-term operations.

The Rawlplug promise is one of trust and innovation and they possess both the experience and expertise to fulfill this promise, using it as a guide to improve their business and the industry. The Rawlplug Specification Team provides a complete package of technical support from the design stage of a project to its completion.

For more information, or to get in touch with their Technical Advisory Service, visit www.VermontSales.co.za.


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