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New Pattex Repair Gel and Glue for quick fixes around the home

Pattex have recently launched a new product and I decided to put it to the test. Pattex Repair Gel and Glue are suitable for use indoor and outdoors, since both products are waterproof once cured. The bonding is also flexible and can resist temperatures between -50°C and 80°C, which is why I decided to try this out on the seal around my fridge door.


A common problem on many refrigerators, especially older models, is that the seal or gasket around the door tends to pull away from the frame.

This needs to be fixed immediately, as a faulty seal results in loss of temperature and more strain on the cooling system.





Replacing the seal is not really an option, since these are almost impossible to come by unless you already know of a dealer that supplies parts for your particular model.

This is where I decided to put the new Pattex Repair Gel and Glue to the test. After cleaning both the door and the seal around the door I applied a thin bead of gel to the door frame. It was necessary to hold the seal against the door for about 30 seconds - with the door open - before it started to grip and then I simply closed to door and left it overnight. I used Pattex Repair Gel, which is non-drip and suitable for vertical applications.

After leaving to cure overnight the seal is now secure to the door frame. One week later and the seal is still firmly stuck in place.

This incredibly strong glue is suitable for use in the home, office and outdoors, and is an essential addition to any toolbox.

  • Pattex 100% Glue and Gel are UV- and shock-resistant, as well as waterproof once cured, making them suitable for a range of applications, including on vehicles and outdoors.
  • The bonding agent is flexible once cured and can resist temperatures between -50 °C and 80 °C. Plus the final result is fully transparent, so these Pattex products are even ideal for fixing broken glass and crystal.
  • Pattex 100% Glue and Gel are adjustable for up to 30 minutes and are acid-free, which make them perfectly suited to crafting applications too.

With a 100% concentrated formula and no solvents, the Pattex 100% Glue and Gel range is the ideal DIY, home repairs and crafting partner!

Pattex 100% Glue and Gel are available in stores countrywide. Visit for more information.