Here Is Why You must have a House Sitter for Your Home

Employing a housesitter can save you time, money, and give you peace of mind.



The most significant part of planning a trip is ensuring things at home will be taken care of when you are away. There is a need to make arrangements for the attention of your home. Your pets, property, and doing so can be more time consuming and expensive than planning and paying for your vacation! Is there any insurance requirement while you’re away? What about your kennel or pets? What will that cost? Do you have someone who will cut your grass or shovel snow during your time away? Do you have a solution for your mail and the magazine subscriptions? The things mentioned above need to be considered and planned for before you depart for your trip.

There is a way you can avoid having to jump through hoops for your insurance company. With the whole thing at home, including your pets taken care of while you enjoy your trip. Employing a housesitter, most times free, can save you time, money, and give you peace of mind. Here are some clear benefits of having housesitter care for your home and pets while you focus on a relaxing vacation.

1) Happier pet

Pet owners have several benefits. Many people are often reluctant to leave their pets in catteries or kennels. It can be expensive, and the upheaval of being in an unfamiliar environment this can be stressful for the pets. Sometimes it’s not wise if you can ask friends or neighbors to pop in and feed the cat or take the dog for a walk, pets can feel distressed by being left alone for long periods. At times some even get separation anxiety. Having trusted house sitters Australia in the house can help pets feel safe and secure. Also if you're not there and you are reassured that someone is looking after them properly and can deal with any problems if they occur.

2) Insurance

A house sitter on the practical side of things, help with the coverage. Several people don't realize that after a certain period – usually around 30 days - an unoccupied home isn't covered by your insurance company. The presence of a housesitter at your home ensures that it remains insured no matter how long you're away for. Stop thinking that your insurance company will have your back when you’re away. It will not be possible and also leaving your house vacant makes it a target for vandalism and burglary. Everything insured, including your home and contents becomes null and void after your home is empty for 30 consecutive days in most cases!


Are you still struggling to decide if having a housesitter to take care of things is the best for your home and pets while you're away? Having trusted house sitters Australia staying in your property, opening the door to visitors and taking messages for you, gives you peace of mind that things are being managed in your absence. You can request updates from your sitter or if you prefer not to be bothered, nominate someone else as a point of contact.



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