Make Your Home - 75 decor and lifestyle projects

Make Your Home is a wonderful book filled with hand-made items that inspire creativity and make you want to start crafting immediately.


With 75 decor and lifestyle projects for you to choose from, Make Your Home is definitely a must-have book for anyone who loves repurposing or rustic decorating. Germarie Bruwer and Margaux Tait love taking everyday items and giving them a new twist, and this book is filled with their personal expression of style. 

The Ghost Chandelier is a 1-hour project that is a clever way to upcycle an old lampshade using thin cotton sheeting, some marbles (or lightweight styrofoam balls) and nylon fishing line. Torn fabric strips are wrapped and knotted around the marbles and secured onto the frame.





Make a Cubby Case using plastic crates stacked and secured with cable ties. Fill these up for much-needed storage. Use your imagination to create your own designs. 

This Trippy Table is a great way to put your personal stamp on a piece of furniture, simply by giving it an unexpected twist. Bright pink legs update this traditional ball-and-claw table. 

In Make Your Home you will find step-by-step instructions for a variety of home projects, including upholstery tips for giving new life to old furniture. 

Visit the Prints section for ideas on how to stamp on crockery, do simple silk-screening, or use a clever stamp and save yourself some cash by creating a Moroccan-inspired design on timber floors. 

There are even more crafty ideas for using fabrics and textiles, like this table runner made from an old crochet or lace tablecloth and some leftover cotton fabric.