Goo Gone Product Review

Using Goo Gone to deep clean a greasy oven was easy with this eco-friendly product that harnesses citrus power.






I was sent a box of Goo Gone products to try out which included their Goo Gone BBQ Grill Cleaner and Goo Gone Oven & Grill cleaner. Since I haven't previously used either product and was piqued by the fact that these cleaners use citrus power in their formula.

The suppliers don't tout the eco-friendly formula of their product, so I did ask them to confirm that is was in fact eco-friendly. Their comment "They are citrus based and do not contain toxins. However, they are not labelled as eco-friendly"

In order to put the products through a tough test I popped in at my son's place, because what better place to try out cleaning products than a batchelor pad!






The braai grill looked as though it had never been cleaned... ever! It was coated with layer upon layer of gunk. If the product can get through this amount of grease it definitely gets a thumb up from me.





Following the instructions, I liberally sprayed the grill with Goo Gone BBQ Grill Cleaner. One thing I instantly noted was the absence of toxic fumes and the fact that it didn't take too long before bits of cooked on grease started to drop off.





After 3 to 4 minutes I grabbed a scouring pad and set to work, although to be completely honest it didn't require that much work. The chunks of grease simply dropped off and only minor scrubbing was needed to clean away what remained.

What surprised me the most was that ALL the grease was easy to remove - right down to the silver coating.







When you look at how much grease dropped off and was easily scrubbed away  I don't think this grill has seen the light of day for a long time!









OK, now we now that Goo Gone BBQ Grill Cleaner definitely does what it promises, so what about Goo Gone Oven & Grill Cleaner?





Most oven cleaning products make you want to faint from the fumes, but this product did not overwhelm me with fumes at all. The only negative I had for Goo Gone Oven & Grill is that it didn't spray a lot of product onto the surface and I repeatedly had to press and squirt. However, I was prepared to put in the effort if it cleans as well as it promises.





Rental flats are known for having dirty ovens, but I don't think my son had cleaned his recently. The oven was coated with baked on grease. If nothing else, I am definitely putting these products to the test. I sprayed on the Goo Gone Oven & Grill and waited slightly longer than specified to be sure the product had chance to work. Using a kitchen scourer the product was easily wiped away to reveal and almost grease-free interior. 





Would I recommend these products?  Yes, I would. Both products performed as promised - without overpowering fumes and with minor scrubbing involved.