Top Gifts for Gardeners

Keep it fresh this festive season with our top gifts for gardeners


‘Tis the season for giving, so why not put a green twist on your festive shopping? Garden Master has the perfect gardening gifts for your green-thumbed family and friends. Shower your favourite gardener with simple delights like a shiny new gardening tool or a few seed packs or personalise a hamper to make the gift extra special. Here are the types of gardeners you can buy for:





1. Beginners

If you know anyone who’s just discovered their green fingers, or who has a New Year Resolution to spend more time in the garden, give the essentials to get their gardens thriving. Garden Master tools are durable, and easy and comfortable to handle. We recommend a garden spade, a hand rake, and a garden hose or watering can. Finish it off with compost or potting mix and aromatic flowers or herb seeds, as these make for an easy introduction to gardening.



2. Green Gardeners

Eco-friendly gardeners love indigenous plants, which attract bees and require less maintenance and water. So, get them seeds for plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables, as well as the 12 Pod Universal Seed Starter Kit to help the seedlings flourish. If their garden’s already full of indigenous plants, help them save water with Garden Master’s 500L rainwater harvesting tank. This new product makes it easy to collect and store rain, and it looks great in the garden too. It’s the perfect choice for gardeners who are green at heart.

3. Glamorous Gardeners

Playing in the dirt doesn’t mean you have to look shabby. Garden Master durable gloves will keep gardeners’ hands safe and clean. You can also introduce other gardening accessories, like decorative fencing, to keep their garden looking as stylish as they do.

4. Garden Gurus

If they’re already growing more plants than you can name, and have more tools than you can count, why not spoil them with a Garden Master 4-tier walk-in greenhouse? This gift is perfect for gardeners who love their plants and want to go the extra mile to protect them and help them flourish. The walk-in greenhouse is designed for temporary seasonal storage of seedlings, herbs, plants and flowers. To add that personal touch, you can easily and secretly assemble it yourself and place it in their garden and surprise them on Christmas Day! Make sure you choose a sheltered location in their garden to prevent wind and rain affecting the greenhouse cover



5. Garden Chefs

If they love cooking as much as gardening, they’ll be thrilled with herb seeds such as rosemary, oregano, basil and thyme. Spice things up by placing your choice of herb seeds, a pruner, Garden Master spritzer and brightly-coloured pots along with organic potting soil in a sizeable basket, which they can use to gather their freshly-picked herbs. Alternatively, you can purchase a range of Garden Master fresh herbs, to spruce up their Christmas feast.

These gorgeous gifts help gardens grow year after year, making them the gifts that keep on giving.

How to identify the different types of gardener in your life

After reading this, you might be wondering what kind of gardeners you have in your life. Here are some tips:
1. Snoop around. Become a private investigator and look at the kind of plants they have in their homes, whether they’re in the kitchen, living room or yard.

2. Snoop around some more. If they love reading, they will surely have a book or two based on the specialised gardening they love or are interested in doing.

3. Ask them. It’s that simple! If you’re not clued up about what kind of gardening they like, the best way to find out is to simply ask them.

4. Do your research. There are many gardening reports online, which highlight types of gardeners that exist, or better yet, you can take a quiz on their behalf. This tactic will not only teach you about gardening but also help you understand your loved one’s gardening hobby.

We’d love to see the unique gardening gifts you’d give your loved ones. Share your ideas and photos with us on our Facebook page. Find us at GardenMasterFan.

Garden Master products are available at Game, Makro and Builders Warehouse stores countrywide, taking the stress out of your festive shopping. To find out more about the Garden Master tools and products you need to make your garden trendy, go to



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