How Safe is a Flue-less Gas Fire?

I am considering having a flue-less gas fire installed in my home but wanted to find out how safe it is to have a flue-less gas fire in a home.


I have been binge watching quite a few overseas home improvement shows lately and have decided that I want to install a flue-less gas fire in my home. I want a flue-less gas fire not only because it is easier to install, but also because I don't have a chimney and in a double-volume home adding one can be quite pricey.

Having seen some of the gorgeous gas fireplace designs the have overseas I'm really interested in having a modern design that will look good and also heat up the space - even if the power goes off.



When having a flue-less fire installed it essentially means that your fire will not have a flue, or a chimney since flue-less fireplaces don't require a flue (or chimney) when installed, but there are a couple of safety points you need to keep in mind:





Safety when installing a Flue-less Gas Fire

Flue-less Gas Fires are those that do not require a chimney for installation. These types of gas fires are considerably more fuel efficient but you need to carefully select a gas fire model that is designed to produce minimal carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. We list some of the most important safety factors to consider when purchasing a flue-less gas fire:


In the absence of a chimney, flue-less fires require an air ventilating in the room where the gas fire is to be located. You can determine how much air flow is required based on the heat output of the gas fire.

Flue-less gas fires consume oxygen and produce carbon monoxide and Carbon Dioxide. This means that adequate air supply is essential to ensure peak performance from your gas fire.

In the absence of a chimney, some ventilation is required. This ventilation can be in various forms; either via ventilation bricks or air bricks - or gaps -  around doors or windows. This allows fresh air to be introduced.

Any gas fire should be equipped with flame failure device to ensure that the gas supply is automatically switched off should the pilot light go out for any reason.

Another important feature is an oxygen depletion sensor . This will switch off the fire if low levels of oxygen are detected in the room where the gas fire is fitted.



Did you know?

It is illegal to install a flue-less gas fire in a bedroom or bathroom. In this instance you will need to install a flued gas fire.

In most countries around the world, including South Africa, it is legal requirement that all gas fires and other appliances be installed by a gas installer registered by SAQCC-Gas.



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