Design News: FireGlobes

Fireglobes and they are making an appearance in gardens around the world


They might not be available yet in South Africa, but I just couldn't resist showing you this exciting new design. They are called Fireglobes and they are making an appearance in gardens around the world. Above is the Dragon Fire Globe from lahacienda. This is a serious way to wow your guests while relaxing outdoors with friends or family. The globe measures 800mm in diameter and is constructed of 6mm thick steel.

Above and below is the Loon, a handcrafted steel fireglobe with a design that creates a beautiful performance with highlighted by fire. The steel globe takes on a wonderful patina as the steel oxidises over time.

A fireglobe can be used to create a cosy outdoor setting where you can watch the flames dance around the globe, highlighting a specific design. In the design below from, wildlife dances across a forest setting of the 3mm thick globe.


fireglobes australia

Kerriann Noack of fireglobes australia had an idea to create her own fire pit, and was inspired to work with a sphere shape. Using a plasma cutter, her designs are transferred directly onto the steel globes, to create a delicate, fairytale-like imagery.

fireglobes australia

There are suppliers of FireGlobes in South Africa, but none that feature the intricate designs on those shown above. The design we saw from Yuppiechef is a plain enamelled steel and aluminium globe.

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