Festool introduces CT MINI and CT MIDI - small dust extractors with big performance

Introducing Festool's CT MINI and CT MIDI compact dust extractors especially for mobile use.


Festool's CT MINI and CT MIDI are designed to expand its already comprehensive range of mobile dust extractors and their compact size is easy for you to keep job sites clean.






"Extracting dust while working is essential, both for protecting one’s health, safety and for creating a good impression on clients. Plus, you can only achieve precise results if you have a clear view of the surface you are working on. On modern-day construction sites, meanwhile, manoeuvrability and flexibility are becoming increasingly important. “Our new CT MINI and CT MIDI compact dust extractors have been specially designed for mobile use. Their compact dimensions and low weight make them ideal for all kinds of assembly, installation and renovation work," says Andreas Buck, Product Manager for mobile dust extractors at Festool.

From dust class L to H – mobile dust extractors for every application

Highlighting the portability of Festool CT MINI and CT MIDI is that they can fit in any vehicle and that they are extremely easy to transport, thanks to their compact dimensions and lightweight construction. Additionally, these two models feature a number of technological innovations that make working without dust even easier and more comfortable.







Lightweight, compact and innovative

With a container volume of 15-litres, the new CT MIDI - for dust classes L and M - is the smallest extractor for hazardous dust particles in dust class M, while the even smaller CT MINI has a 10-litre container volume and has been developed for use with dust particles in dust class L.

Both of these models score highly in everyday use thanks to their new and intuitive touch control, smooth suction hose and storage shelf for tools and work materials. The large touch screen control panel makes them easy to operate – even when wearing gloves or if the machine is dirty. The smooth suction hose, meanwhile, not only enables work to progress seamlessly without catching but is also easy to wind and store in the large hose holder.

As you would expect, the new compact dust extractors come with the SYSTAINER T-LOC coupling to allow SYSTAINERS to be attached with ease and transported safely. The new cord winder with folding mechanism is equally practical, since this makes it possible to wind up the cord in a few simple steps and put it away quickly.

These handy features are joined by a multitude of others, such as manual cleaning and the ability to easily change the main filter from the outside, to ensure that work can be carried out for long periods while also protecting health. Manual cleaning of the main filter and filter bag means the suction power can be restored if the filter or filter bag is clogged, ensuring consistently high suction power ex works and therefore significantly larger filling capacity.






An aqdditional practical function is automatic suction hose detection, which enables the CTM MIDI to set the correct suction hose diameter automatically. The main filter can be changed from the outside in a single step, while the large wheels with robust steel axle provide maximum range of movement in day-to-day work.

Whether you work on a construction site or in a workshop, no matter how much or what type of dust your work generates, Festool has the right mobile dust extractor for you – for dust classes L, M and H. While the new CT MINI and MIDI extractors are perfect for use on the move, the CT 26/36/48 mobile dust extractors are true all-rounders to meet any need. And for handling particularly large quantities of dust, the versatile extractors also boast the AUTOCLEAN automatic main filter cleaning function to keep the suction power consistently high. The various models all come with new functional features like the smooth suction hose, T-LOC for fast and secure coupling with SYSTAINERS, the clever cord winding mechanism



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