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Energizer light fusion technology - for use anywhere

Energizer Light Fusion technology allows you to light up in so many ways. Creativity can hit at any time of the day, and since many DIY-ers work in garages, workshops - or even outdoors - lighting up your work area is now easy - even when the power goes out.


The Energizer Light Fusion technology range is nothing like the old torch models; light is evenly distributed for brilliant illumination that is easier on the eyes, as it prevents one from focusing on a single intense point. The obstruction-free design of the new fusion range is developed to help you perform specific tasks such as crafts, hobbies and DIY projects - even when the power goes out.





We know that task lighting is important, but it also needs to be free of distracting glare and shadows and should be bright enough to prevent eye strain. Therefore, additional direct lighting is beneficial to areas shadowed by equipment such as sewing machines or power tools - improving visibility for specific tasks.

The Energizer Light Fusion range makes use of laser-etched optics to reflect the light waves over a large area instead of concentrating them into one point. Light from several LEDs is mixed together and spread evenly by hundreds of tiny dots, called Light Fusion Elements. The elements are created on both sides of the panel by the laser etching process in order to provide full room lighting and ensure that brilliant, uniform area lighting is achieved by the versatile lights in this range.

The Folding Lantern maximises the possibility of the Light Fusion Technology and is designed to light up a larger area, turning an otherwise black room into a bright workspace.

The 2 in 1 Standing Light is the compact choice designed for the multipurpose requirements of a user wanting high functionality. The torch can operate as a normal hand held flashlight or its legs can fold out for hands-free use and light can be emitted on both sides of the torch panel, creating a brighter light.

 The Folding Lantern lasts for up to 100 hours on a lower light brightness setting and the 2 in 1 standing light lasts for up to 20 hours on either spot-light or area mode.

Whatever model you use, units are water resistant and are made of solid heavy-duty plastic with rubberised handles, ensuring that durability is a key feature of the innovative lights.

The Energizer light fusion range uses AA batteries in sets of four or eight in order to operate. However,  using eight batteries will not affect the brightness, but will prolong the products runtime. The lights can use both disposable alkaline and rechargeable NiMH AA batteries in sets of four or eight; this does not affect the brightness, only the runtime. Both products have an IPX4 water resistance rating meaning that they can endure minor splashes and downpours but cannot be fully submerged in water.