Promoting the use of Locally Produced Timber in Construction

DTI Stakeholder Workshop: Promoting the use of Locally Produced Timber in Construction


The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) invites you to the Stakeholder Workshop on the promotion of the use of timber in construction. The main purpose of the workshop is to create a platform for industry to discuss the importance of a wood culture society.

The South African forestry sector’s limited use of wood products has triggered a need for a discussion to promote a wood culture society. The low-carbon and resource-efficient society will translate into a sustainable economy and that can only be achieved through sourcing of high-level expertise, research and industrial strengths. In addition, the policy should go right through the supply chain and look at timber as a sustainable, enduring product, and get architects, engineers and design schools involved in using the new engineered timber products.

A need to have a diverse forestry sector has been identified by both private and public sectors. There is a consensus (across the industry and government) that we want to see more added value to wood instead of logs going for exports, and to look at the niche engineered timber products.

Both the South African residential and public construction industry is in an ideal position to benefit from decades of overseas experience and adapt the knowledge and techniques to suit the local context. Early engagement with architects, designers and engineers is needed to bring them up to speed with regard to the importance of gaining a reasonable foothold and traction by using timber in the construction industry.

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