DIY for Mother's Day

Ask any mom who has attended a DIY Divas workshop what she would like to receive for Mother's Day, and the answer is sure to be... power tools!

It's not sexist to want power tools as a gift, especially if you are a woman. Women are discovering that being able to do DIY tasks in and around the home is extremely empowering. Not only are you able to fix and repair small projects, but being able to use power tools provides the perfect opportunity to make.

Women are definitely doing more than painting and decorating projects. We're tired of waiting for someone else to do the work, or paying for second-rate jobs that we could do better ourselves.





Whether you need a small set of tools or a cordless screwdriver to do small fix-ups, repairs and maintenance around the home...

A basic set of tools (Drill / Driver, Sander, Jigsaw) to get you started in DIY furniture projects...

A full-on set of serious tools (mitre saw, router, biscuit joiner, pockethole jig) for taking your DIY projects to the next level...

Or a selection of Dremel tools for crafts and decor projects.

This Mother's Day ask the kids for something you can put to good use - and they might even enjoy learning how to use them too! If you already have the tools but need a bit more training on how to use them, or tips on working with tools, timber and board, the kids can get you a DIY Divas Gift Voucher.