Bosch brings you DIY Kids

If your kids are distracted by cell phones and tablets, take advantage of this craze and to get your children to do some practical, hands-on work – by using social media on their devices to connect to the DIY Kidz show on YouTube.


Don't let your kids be distracted by gadgets any longer. DIY enthusiast Annalien Grensemann is the creator of the DIY Kidz show and has been involved with DIY since 1995, presenting shows like Timmertakies on KykNET and the Get It Done show on the Home Channel. "With the lack of woodworking classes at schools, I saw a specific need for children to work with their hands while also learning life skills. Doing DIY not only gets them away from their gadgets, but also instills a sense of pride and confidence in them."





The 5-minute show caters for children between the ages of 7 and 13 years. "Social media is the ideal way to reach children and parents right across the country, as there are no limitations in terms of time or place. We demonstrate exactly what materials and tools are needed for a project, then give children step-by-step guidance through the process, enabling them to make their own items," says Annalien. Annalien proclaims that the show has very strict rules on safety, especially because young children are involved.

Some step-by-step DIY projects kids can expect to see include; how to make your own Pinocchio doll; how to make a key rack for Dad; up-cycling plastic spoons to make a sunflower for Mom; as well as numerous other ‘how-to’ videos for making; a butterfly wall hanger; a giraffe toy, a marble maze run, wind charm, date blocks and Christmas decorations, to name a few.

"With DIY, safety always comes first. Kids are fast, innovative and curious, therefore you need to stress the importance of safety. Adults should always supervise their children while they are busy with their projects and educate them on all safety equipment. It is essential that you instill these safety rules while the child is still young so that they grow up to be a responsible DIYer," she adds.

On the show, Annalien is regularly joined by Regan Cameron-Smith, a young woodwork enthusiast who does most of the demonstrations. According to Annalien, a great deal of research goes into the show. "We sometimes receive requests for certain projects and we have to figure out how to make them. I am constantly amazed at the kids’ creativity and abilities at such young ages. They are not afraid to experiment and let their imaginations lead them."

Even though working with young children brings its own set of challenges, such as finding DIY projects they like the most and are able to practically participate in, Annalien would not have it any other way. "I love working with young people because of their love of life, honesty, enthusiasm and pure creativity," she concludes.

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