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Judging by the number of emails and telephone calls I have received so far this year, there is an increasing demand for skills training in the DIY sector.


It's only February, and already I have received numerous calls and emails asking for more information on our DIY Divas Workshops. It would appear that youngsters are leaving school with little idea of what to do next and are looking at DIY as a way to take that first step into the job market. I am fully in agreement with that, as DIY gives many - including youngsters - the opportunity to be trained in a wide variety of topics that could end up being a profitable career path.

To many people, the word Entrepreneur denotes a person who has no idea what they want to do. I, on the other hand, believe that an Entrepreneur is someone who is looking for a skill that works for them as a way to forge a career in today's highly competitive job market. I have always believed that youngsters should take a greater interest in DIY skills, especially considering the huge opportunities that exist from SMEs here in South Africa.





At our DIY workshops, we offer basic skills training for ladies and men, both young and old, that provides a foundation for a variety of careers. A few examples of this are as follows:



These are just a few examples from the hundreds who have attended DIY Divas workshops as a way to gain the basics of using power tools and woodworking techniques.

While equipping yourself with some necessary skills is a great way to start, our young entrepreneurs also need to have the right frame of mind and drive to be able to set up their own business, in whatever sector they choose to go. A positive outlook, outgoing personality and lots of ambition to be successful are necessary attributes that will help our unemployed youngsters get started on a career path.

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