DIY Divas Bread Bin Workshop

Join Janice Anderssen on Saturday 9 November, 2019 and make your very own bread bin, plus discover a variety of DIY tools and techniques.


By request, on Saturday 9 November you can join me, Janice Anderssen, at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge and make your very own bread bin to take home.


Essential Tips and Techniques

- Tools you will use at the workshop

At this workshop, you will not only be making your own bread bin from scratch, you will also be using a variety of tools that are used for DIY, as well as learning essential techniques. At this workshop, the tools you will be using are:

Drill / Driver

Pocket hole jig

Pocket hole plug cutter

Biscuit joiner

Table router



Pneumatic nail gun


Everyone attending will have 'hands-on' using the above tools to make and assemble their own bread bins. I believe that a hands-on method is important, as it provides those using the tools to gain confidence and gain knowledge on the correct use of the tools, including the safety aspects of proper tool usage.

- Techniques you will learn

In the process of making your bread bin, you will learn how to cut grooves and dadoes using a router. You will also be informed on using a pocket hole jig to assemble the bread bin and using a plug cutter to finish off the project.

Full instructions will be given on proper assembly using pilot holes, countersink and joinery techniques.

Once your bread bin is complete, and depending on the time available, you will be able to finish your bread bin in a choice of stain or paint finishes, including chalk paint.

Click here to join me on Saturday 9 November at DIY Divas in Randpark Ridge and make your very own bread bin to take home. Open to DIY Gals and Guys!




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